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Toy ID Resources

 As a collector and reseller, for over 25 years, I have saved all kinds of different websites to help identify the toys that I come across.  Why I haven't shared them with you before now?  I don't know!  If you have other sites that you use, please let me know via email, so that I can share them with the whole class! 😀

This is a MAJOR work in progress so I will be adding more as time goes by! Please be patient.

If you see "Archived Page" it means that I have gone to the Internet Archive - Way Back Machine, to find pages that no longer exist. 

Sites with several toy lines: 

   BOY's Toys

3-3/4" Archives - Action Figures of this size and their playsets and accessories. 

Super Toy Archive - Lots of 80s and 90s toy lines. Mostly action figure related.

   GIRL's Toys

Doll Links - This site has hundreds of links and pages of information about dolls, especially older and antique dolls.  Organized by Company, Doll Type, and Doll name.

Ghost of the Doll - Probably the best site for information about 80s and 90s girls doll and toy lines. Hundreds of different toy lines are included.

Tabby's Toy Lists - Several mid-late 80s girls toys. Not many photos, mainly descriptions. 

Sites with specific toys lines: 

     Everyone's Toys

Breyer Horses - The 'Identify Your Breyer' site is amazing and comprehensive! 

Fisher Price - This Old Toy has almost every Fisher Price toy from the 30s-1999.

Little Golden Books - A fantastic Guide with lots of LGB Information 

Rushton Toys - Vintage Plush and Rubber Face Toys   

     Boy's Toys 

Big Jim - Archived Page 

 Lego - Brink Link - Brink Link has every single piece of Lego listed.  All of them! 

GI Joe 

GI Joe - 12" Version 

YoJoe - Has every 3-3/4" figure 1982-2019 

     Girl's Toys 


BarbieWorld  -  This site is not in English, but if you open it in Google Chrome it will translate it for you.  Great information from 1959-mid 90s.

Fashion Doll Guide - Mostly about early Barbie 59-70s. - You can actually search the main Barbie website for anything vintage Barbie.  You will need an outfit name or number though.

Cabbage Patch Kids

My CPK - Has some great info on dating your doll and determining what factory it was  made in. 

Crissy Ideal Dolls 

Crissy Town - Has about all of the information you need abouut Crissy! 

Crissy & Beth - This is another very extensive site for Ideal Crissy dolls.

Dawn Dolls 

Dawn Dolls - Dawn Doll Archive with lots of photos and information. 

Dawn Dolls - That 70's Doll Dawn is a 6" Fashion Doll - ARCHIVED


 My Dollhouse - A fun site with lots of info on Tin Litho Dollhouses

Flatsy Dolls - This is a great for identifying Flatsy dolls by hair color! ARCHIVED     

My Child Dolls

Marissa's World of Toys - Great information about My Child dolls and clothes. -ARCHIVED

Polly Pocket

 Only Polly Pocket - Pretty much has all of the vintage items, a great                identification page for the parts and even has similar, non- Polly sets.

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