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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Kenner 1977 Baby Heartbeat Dolls & Booklets ~ Toy-Addict

I found the booklet for Baby Heartbeat, for sale, on Instagram. 
 I thought it was so cute and had to have it.  
My booklet is near the end of the video, it's actually the booklet for the 
Baby Heartbeat Care Set.  When I got the booklet, I was very interested in the doll line.
They made a Black and a White version of the doll and you could buy the Care Set Kit separately. 
The dolls were released in 1977 and seem to have been sold until 1978.


This is the booklet that actually came with the Care Set

This is the booklet that came with the doll

She cost $10.94 in 1977!

I love that it came with little glasses for you to wear while taking care of your baby.


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